Aviation Technology, Inc. Partners with CAPS & Aircraft Spruce to Introduce Game-Changing AltAlert™ Personal Cabin Pressure Monitor

Del Mar, CA (April 20, 2015) – Late last year, Aviation Technology, Inc. broke new ground in aircraft cabin safety and security with the launch of the revolutionary new AltAlert™ device.

And now, the world’s first and only personal cabin pressure monitor will be integrated into a wide range of flight crew training programs – and made available for purchase at a leading aviation supply company – thanks to a pair of groundbreaking partnerships.

Del Mar, CA-based Aviation Technology, Inc. has teamed up with Van Nuys, CA-based Corporate Air Parts, Inc. and its exclusive and acclaimed CAPS Flight Crew Training programs to introduce the AltAlert™ to all its trainees. The durable, portable and easy-to-use device will also be made available for purchase to all program trainees. It currently retails for just $399.

“CAPS is proud to partner with Aviation Technology, Inc. and offer the revolutionary AltAlert™ personal cabin pressure monitor,” said CAPS Director of Operations & Development Earl Marchesi. “In addition to adding this great product to our sales inventory of cabin safety equipment, the personal pressure monitor is a great fit for our Hypoxia and Emergency Crewmember training programs. And like our own LAND/Shark®, we share in Aviation Technology’s pride knowing that the AltAlert™ is manufactured in California, USA.”

An unresponsive condition caused by a lack of cabin pressure, hypoxia has been identified as the culprit in several tragic aircraft accidents, including the one that claimed golf legend Payne Stewart’s life in 1999 and the 2014 crash that proved fatal for TBM Owners and Pilots Association Chairman Larry Glazer and his wife Jane.

The AltAlert™ personal cabin pressure monitor has been created to alleviate safety and security risks posed by hypoxia and other cabin pressure problems, such as slow cabin pressure leaks. And to provide a new level of personal protection and peace of mind to pilots, crew members and passengers alike.

Developed using exclusively licensed NASA technology and brought to market by exclusive patent holder Aviation Technology, Inc., AltAlert™ provides a secondary sensing and alerting system for aircraft cabin pressurization that can easily be worn or mounted within the cabin. AltAlert™ actually monitors aircraft cabin altitude – not blood oxygen levels – thus mitigating the risk associated with hypoxia, which is typically difficult (if not impossible) to recognize.

Once activated by installation of the included battery, the lightweight and portable AltAlert™ device enters “sleep mode” while at ground level, then begins sampling pressure and battery voltage every 15 seconds during climb, and while in level flight at altitudes above sea level. Relative cabin pressure and battery status is indicated via a series of LED color changes and alarm tones on the device.

“This device is about the size of a typical cell phone,” said Aviation Technology President and CEO Stacy Pappas Sawaya. “Small enough and lightweight enough to clip onto a lapel or visor, or mount on a cabin surface. It can provide a new measure of confidence and risk-mitigation for pilots, passengers and crew.”

Hypoxia can often be a “silent killer.” Symptoms are slow in onset and may initially go unrecognized. The portable and affordable AltAlert™ serves as a safeguard to pilots, crew members and passengers.

“Even the best trained pilots and OEM-supplied warning systems have suffered a lapse in cabin altitude awareness,” said Pappas Sawaya. “The AltAlert closes this gap and can save lives.”

Thanks to Aviation Technology Inc.’s new partnership with Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company, AltAlert™ will be available for purchase at this leading aviation supply company.

"Aircraft Spruce is committed to offering only the finest in aviation products, and AltAlert™ certainly fits that description. We are proud to carry this invaluable and innovative device, and confident that it will enhance your safety and security up in the air," said Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company Owner, Jim Irwin.


About Aviation Technology Inc. & AltAlert™

Developed under exclusive license from NASA, Del Mar, CA-based Aviation Technology Inc. created the world’s first and only personal cabin pressure monitor: AltAlert™. AltAlert™ brings a new level of protection and peace of mind to pilots, passengers and crew. The portable and durable AltAlert™ is adept at detecting cabin pressure problems, such as slow cabin pressure leaks. Affordable and easy-to-use, AltAlert™ is ideal for preventing slow onset hypoxia, which has been identified as the culprit in numerous fatal plane crashes. AltAlert™ is about the size of a cell phone, and can be either clipped to the visor or mounted on a flat surface. It works by acutely monitoring aircraft cabin altitude and sounding an alarm when aircraft cabin pressure is compromised. It’s a brilliant piece of aviation engineering that provides peace of mind at any altitude. You can learn more about Aviation Technology, Inc. and AltAlert™ online at www.aviationtechnologyinc.com 

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